Spinrush (2014, Lubiterum)

Test your skills in this addictive and extremely easy to control arcade game. SPINRUSH (2014, Lubiterum Game Studio) sets you in a frantic race against the clock where you have to destroy as many discs as you can. But be careful! The discs you shoot must have the same color as your ship. You may find it easy, but the discs will spin faster and faster ’til it becomes a total challenge for the human eye! Then you’ll get more and more hooked while you fight for a new high score.


PR and Social Media work for Spanish studio Lubiterum. They launched SPINRUSH, their first mobile game on the Google Play Store.

Attended several national (Gamepolis Malaga 2014) and international events (Gamescom Europe 2014) where I introduced the game to relevant developers, press and youtubers.

Campaign numbers (first month):
21 press appearances.
Over 500 user reviews.
4.2 average rating.
More than 10k downloads.

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