REalM Walk of Soul (2016, Authentic Illusions & Arborship)

REalM Walk of Soul

While sleeping, Iris awakens in a bizarre and perturbing REalM, where she must embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind its mysteries and find herself. Walk of Soul is a 2D surreal horror puzzle game set in a nightmarish world, filled with mind breaking enigmas awaiting to be uncovered. REalM Walk of Soul is a 2D surreal horror game that will take the you through a non-linear journey, full of bizarre abominations and indecipherable, mesmerizing mysteries. You’ll need solve challenging puzzles to access new areas and unfold the story of Iris. The main inspirations are drawn from surreal […]

The BIG List of Video Game Public Relations Agencies and Freelancers.

This was a private list I have been completing during the last 3 years for my personal use and knowledge of other PR pros and agencies out there. I think it could be useful for other developers or colleagues out there. I also published an article [link] on Gamasutra with tips and thoughts about the role of PR, Publishers and some factors you can take into account when choosing your PR partner. Please if you find there is any mistake in the list or there is any company left to add, let me know at me(@) PR AGENCIES & FREELANCERS […]