During my career I’ve been compiling many lessons learned from the projects I’ve been involved in. With those I have created a course and a workshop that aims to cover the most relevant aspects related to communication / marketing, distribution and funding models for independent game developers. Those are my main goals with this workshop:

  • Integrate the communication/marketing of the product along with its development.
  • Identify the target audience of the game and design a communication strategy that suits it the best.
  • Learn to use social networks and social media tools.
  • How to talk to the press and to your audience / community.
  • The importance of communication among the team members.


  1. Introduction. Factors why good games commercially fail.
  2. Independent game development.
  3. The importance of communications in the development team.
  4. Social networks management.
  5. Community feedback and QA management.
  6. Funding models.
  7. Promoting your game: Tools and strategies.


Courses/workshops given:

  • 19-21 Oct. 2016. 21h course. Bolivia Tech Hub (7 students).
  • 21 Nov. 2015. Crowdfunding for videogames. UY!CG Event (Montevideo – Uruguay). 25 students.
  • 27 Jan to 24nd Feb. 2015: 16h course. ENTI Videogame Degree (Barcelona). 30 students.
  • 26 Jan. 2015. 3h masterclass. GameBCN: Video game start-up incubator (Barcelona).
  • 15 and 16 Nov. 2014: 16h course. Instituto Eckart (Porto Alegre – Brazil) 13 students.
  • 26 Nov to 3rd Dec. 2014: 16h Course + 12h workshop PUCPR (Curitiba – Brazil). 24 students.
  • 6th and 7th Dec. 2014: 16h course. TecnoPUC. 15 students.


Talks and roundtables:

  • Oct. 2016 – Talk: Healthy communications for your indie studio. Crowdfunding tips (AREA by MIMEC, Mexico).
  • Nov. 2015 – Talk: Communicating Horizon Chase. The story behind the game’s launch (UY!CG).
  • Sept. 2015 – Talk: Kickstarter: It is really necessary? (TDC 2015, Brazil) – Link.
  • Sept. 2015 – Roundtable: Searching for visibility. a challenge for Latin American gamedevs (MICA, Argentina) – Link.
  • Aug. 2014 – Roundtable: Youtubers, fans and game developers (Gamepolis 2015, Spain). Link.
  • Oct. 2013 – Talk: The importance of communications management in a video game (The Developers Conference 2013, Brasil) – Link.
  • April. 2013 – The Gamer Inside: A Humanistic Approach to Games Preservation – Link).