During my career I’ve been compiling many lessons learned from the projects I’ve been involved in. With those I have created a course and a workshop that aims to cover the most relevant aspects related to communication / marketing, distribution and funding models for independent game developers. Those are my main goals with this workshop: Integrate the communication/marketing of the product along with its development. Identify the target audience of the game and design a communication strategy that suits it the best. Learn to use social networks and social media tools. How to talk to the press and to your audience […]


I give advice to other professionals on marketing and communications issues related to their projects. Contributions may go under quite diverse areas, from aesthetics, pitching, online communications, game design to funding and distribution. We are a digital agency specialized on Comms, MKT and Business consultancy for independent game developers. Based in Uruguay and Brazil, we work with independent video game developers and publishers. We help our clients gain presence in the LATAM market for their projects and also deliver the best advice on the product side and comms/PR areas to games from any region of the world. Our contributions on the product side […]


In 2009 I started my career in videogames doing Social Media Management duties. Learning how to connect with players and influencers on a day to day basis helped me to gain enough expertise and confidence to jump into PR. During the last 4 years I have been focusing more and more on the PR aspect for a very broad range of genres and platforms. Digital PR. I manage a database of more than 1600 emails from journalists, youtubers and other media influencers from all over the world. I’m able to tackle very especific audiences on my campaigns, be it a contacts […]