Valheim (2021, Coffee Stain & Iron Gate Studio)


Valheim is a game about exploring a huge fantasy world inspired by norsemythology and viking culture. The world it self is procedurally generated and random seeds can be generated or set manually. You start your adventure at the relatively peaceful center of Valheim. The further from the center you travel, the more challenging the world becomes. But you will also find more valuable materials that you can use to craft deadlier weapons and sturdier armor. You will also build your own viking fortress and outposts all over the world. Eventually you will build a mighty longships and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands … but be wary of sailing too far 😉





● Huge procedurally-generated world
● Solo or Co-op multiplayer
● Dodge & block based combat system
● A wide range of craftable weapons, armour, food and mead
● House and base building system, from mead halls to castles
● Ship building and sailing
● Dedicated servers
● Primordial bosses of myth and legend



Digital PR work for Sweden based publisher Coffee Stain, focused in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Platforms: Steam.

Influencer Outreach (organic)

Securing interviews with journalists.


Campaign numbers:

More than 750 press coverage pieces in Spanish and Portuguese speaking territories in the first 3 weeks after the Early Access launch

More than 170 influencer videos and streams produced in the first 3 weeks after the Early Access launch

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